Margret McKowns 1828

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Stitch Count: 124 stitches wide by 301 stitches high

Model: The model was stitch on 36 Count Antique Cream linen from Zweigart, using one strand of thread over two threads. The Darning and Satin Stitch is stitched using two strands.

With 7cm (3”) framing allowance the linen is 32cm x 57cm (13” x 23”)

Threads provided by:
Weeks Dye Works (

Model Stitched by the amazing Jenny Born

Threads Used (with suggested DMC and Au Ver A Soie Soie D’Alger Alternatives)
Weeks Dye Works 1194 Broom Tree (DMC 3348 or AVAS 2132)
Weeks Dye Works 1232a Oilcloth (DMC 612 or AVAS 3833)
Weeks Dye Works 2108 Battleship (DMC 317 or AVAS 3444) 2 skeins
Weeks Dye Works 2112 Glacial Melt (DMC 3810 or AVAS 1723)
Weeks Dye Works 2197 Oscar (DMC 3011 or AVAS 2145)
Weeks Dye Works 2219 Whiskey (DMC 676 or AVAS 4222) 2 skeins
Weeks Dye Works 2264 Garnet (DMC 815 or AVAS 946) 2 skeins
Weeks Dye Works 2266a Louisiana Hot Sauce (DMC 321 or AVAS 2644) 2 skeins
Weeks Dye Works 2284 Madison Rose (DMC 223 or AVAS 2932)

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