Susanna Drinkwater 1826

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Stitch Count: 183 stitches wide by 243 stitches high

Model: The model was stitch on 40 Count Weeks Dye Works Confederate Grey, using one strand of thread over two threads.

With 7cm (3”) framing allowance the linen is 33cm x 45cm (16” x 19”)

Threads provided by:
• Weeks Dye Works (

Model Stitched by the amazing Sandy Bell. Thank you, we love you Sandy.

Threads Used (with suggested DMC Alternatives)
• Weeks Dye Works 1091 Whitewash (DMC 3865)
• Weeks Dye Works 1106 Beige (DMC 3047)
• Weeks Dye Works 1227 Bright Leaf (DMC 3829)
• Weeks Dye Works 1277 Collards (DMC 936)
• Weeks Dye Works 1298 Gunmetal (DMC 3799)
• Weeks Dye Works 2110 Jay Bird (DMC 926)

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